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April 21st, 2014

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April 21st, 2014

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, London, United Kingdom

Generic Robotics


Generic Robotics is an agile technology R&D specialising in high fidelity real-time simulation. Our work has a particular focus on the emerging touch feedback technology known as haptic interfaces. Haptic interfaces allow the user to experience realistic touch sensations when interacting with computer systems, particularly useful for precisely controlling robotic mechanisms or training dexterous manual skills. In collaboration with top-tier universities and internationally recognised experts we are developing a new line of training simulators intended to support a range of manual skills allowing a standard technology to be applied across multiple clinical disciplines including dental, surgical and veterinarian.


This year at The Hive we will be presenting the latest prototype of our clinical skills training platform. The modules available to try will include injection and dental clinical skills training developed in conjunction with our partners at the King's College Dental institute. The system comprises a stereoscopic 3D visual display which tracks the movement of the user's head, updating the view accordingly; and a high fidelity haptic interface which gives realistic touch feedback corresponding to the tissues and tools in use. If you haven't yet tried haptic technology we encourage you to come along, it's a unique experience which is best experienced first 'hand'.

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